Integrative Tarot: Tarot Beyond Fortune Telling

Integrative Tarot offers professional tarot readings, articles, blog entries and discussions, and links related to using tarot as a tool for problem-solving, fresh insight, self-discovery, spiritual growth, and creativity. My primary focus is to share the ways that tarot has helped me and can help you, too.

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My Tarot Philosophy

“Ultimately, a reading offers the ability to consciously participate in whatever is happening. The alternative, to turn away, will only create more issues and more pain. A reading can be a messenger from the soul, helping you greet whatever frightens or disturbs you. It helps you see how you hold back from the experience and try to escape it”
- Mary K Greer, from 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card

The Tarot is a deck of 78 card bearing archetypal, symbolic, and culture images from Western history and society. Although it is most closely associated with “fortune telling” or predicting the future, tarot is about much more: it is a tool to more fully understand your own experience and give yourself more choices in order to choose your own fate. I use the tarot to explore my own spiritual, emotional, and physical concerns on a daily basis as a way to tap into my own intuition and ability to think creatively about my place in the world. I hope to offer a similar service to my clients and empower them to use tarot as their own tool for understanding. You are in charge of your own future–tarot is to help you understand what you can do now to better exercise that autonomy.